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food to go

Netflix and chill with your Arabella Park favourites. 

Peep our menu below for our takeout options!

To place an order follow these steps:

1)    Give us a ring-a-ding-dingy at 226-220-6374.

2)   Tell us your name, phone number and what you'd like to order.

3)   Your personal pick up time is dictated by the volume of business we have in house, so please pay attention to the pick up time provided by us over the phone.  In the event the volume of business within the bar is too great to execute your order in a timely fashion, we will have to regretfully decline your take out order.

4)    Our food is best hot and our timing is even hotter, so if you don't want cold nosh please aim to arrive on time!  If something comes up, give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate your arrival time

H O T  T I P: peep our bottle shop to pair your nosh with some suds, cider, wine or spirit-free bevies. 

food to go