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Don't Forget About Ma! Gift

Please note pick up is only available May 7-9, so please ensure you choose a time slot between Ma...

Please note pick up is only available May 7-9, so please ensure you choose a time slot between May 7-9 at check out!  

It’s time to celebrate the Ma’s in your life with a community focused gift that comes wrapped and ready to rock.  

Let us explain:

Card courtesy of Morning Star Designs (
Alanah Astehtsi Otsistohkwa (Morningstar) Jewell is a mixed French-First Nations artist, and is Bear Clan from Oneida Nation of the Thames. She is an illustrator, painter and muralist, and organizes local Indigenous Art Markets through @ IAmKitchener on Instagram. Her passion is promoting Indigenous art and culture in urban areas.

Eucalyptus bunch courtesy of The Danes Market (@thedanesmarket):
Sommelier turns Florist + Plant Dealer - The Dane's Market was born. Jenny grows speciality blooms in her front + backyard to sell to the waterloo community. The Dane uses sustainable practices and never floral foam or oasis. She loves collaborating with local flower farmers + greenhouses to bring life + beauty into peoples homes. Anything that brings joy is what The Dane's Market is all about. Jenny's Danish Nan growing up taught her about flower gardening and has loved it ever since and enjoys sharing her knowledge about blooms + plants while sipping wine or beer. Skol!

Sonnen Hill: Pinot Rosé (Wine Beer 750mL):
Sonnen Hill's Pinot Rosé blurs the lines between wine and beer. Made by blending Pinot Noir from Beamsville with the brewery's cherry beer. The end result yields pleasant aromas of oak spice, almond and stewed cherries. Dry, with a touch of acidity and delicate cherry flavours. Bottled still, drink with a slight chill like you would rosé wine to let those aromas pop. On the palate there is subtle cherry, sweet almond and warm spice. Juicy acidity and soft tannins make for a dry, yet quenching finish. We believe this beer will pleasantly surprise any motherly type figure in your life. Even if they "don't like beer"...everyone loves beer.

Nanaimo Brownie courtesy of your kitchen crew at Arabella Park. Top it all off with a draught pour gift card from you, Ma’s favourite child.