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cellar flash sale

It’s a new year with new beer. And we're eager to make room for new bottles, while giving you the chance to try some incredible cellar bottles at discounted prices.

Featured Breweries:

Brouwerij Alvinne is a brewery located in Zwevegem, Belgium and has been producing beer since 2004. Alvinne has given new life to old Flemish beer styles, and have been extremely innovative along the way. They use age-old mixed fermentation techniques and use stainless steel tanks, wine barrels, and casks to mature their beer. The brewery is strongly linked to their own house yeast: the Morpheus yeast. This allows both sour and non-sour beers to be brewed. Originally picked from nature in Auvergne (France) in 2008 it was selected, isolated and cultivated with monk-like patience until the desired properties were obtained. It is a culture of 2 brewer's yeasts (saccharomyces cerevisae) and lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus). The latter are then inactivated in beers not intended to be sour. The Morpheus yeast provides the typical Alvinne touch to all their beers.

Brouwerij De Brabandere - Since 1894, five successive generations of the De Brabandere family have been producing some of Belgium’s finest sour beers. Their massive hall of French Oak Foeders is their crowning glory. Hailing from Harelbeke, Belgium, De Brabandere Brewery was founded in 1894 by beer enthusiast Adolphe De Brabandere and his son Jozef. At that time, the brewery was little more than a brewing hall with a couple of copper kettles, a small courtyard that served as a logistics centre, and a malt warehouse. Jozef De Brabandere died in 1929 and, as his children were too young to run the company, his widow kept the brewery going. With Albert De Brabandere, the fifth generation took over in 2013. He has been officially at the head of the brewery since 2017 and has made considerable investments in increasing the brewery's capacity.

Oxbow Brewing Co. - Oxbow has been a leading force in the farmhouse world of beers since 2011. They've long stood by the approach of taking months or years to create a beverage that is commonly produced in a matter of days. The brewery - located in Newcastle, Maine - is in a converted barn and has been dedicated to the pursuit of crafting unique farmhouse ales of distinctively European influence.

Every alcohol purchase must be accompanied by food. If you're not ordering food, click here to add a $1 snack to your order, or bring a loonie at pick-up.